Concept art for Star Wars Rebels, from the CC NY presentation this October: An Imperial freighter (modified Gozanti Cruiser), with docking for multiple TIE fighters.

Concept art for the upcoming tv show Star Wars Rebels:

The modified rebel freighter Ghost attacks an Imperial cargo ship.


If I remember correctly  for those who don’t know, a base Delta Zero operation is total destruction of all civilizations on the planetary surface through a massive orbital bombardment. 

Indeed. The paragraph from The Imperial Sourcebook states that "If Army commanders deem the surface situation to be beyond hope of victory, or if the proper political authorities directly command it, the Navy is to execute a series of punitive attacks upon the target. The attacks are given code names which vary according to the mission and change frequently. The only code name which has not yet changed is "Base Delta Zero", the code for complete destruction of all "assets of production", including factories, arable land, mines, fisheries, and all sentient beings and Droids. The code name has not yet changed so there can be no possibility of confusion when a Base Delta Zero is ordered."

Army mercenary units like the First Sun Mobile Regiment perform the same order on land, but for warships BDZ usually means to destroy the entire surface and subsurface structures of the planet they’re targeting. 

A Scythe-class battlecruiser fires on Imperial Predator-class starfighters (TIE Predators) at the Battle of Mon Calamari. Said battle would see the Galactic Alliance Remnant steal the Imperious-class prototype and later use it as a flagship.
Cover art for Star Wars: Legacy 20.

The Chu’unthor was a large Jedi praxeum ship used centuries before the Clone Wars. Its design takes cues from the Corellian Colonizer, an earlier Jedi praxeum ship. 
CG artwork for The Official Star Wars Fact File Issue 95.

The Jedi Starfighter Corps used the Savage Star fighter in the time following the end of the New Sith Wars. Art by Jeff Carlisle for The Jedi Path. 

The Aurek-class tactical strikefighter was a successful starfighter class. Models of the fighter served the Old Republic for over 3,000 years.

The Jedi Exploration Corps used scout ships of this kind to explore the unknown parts of the Galaxy. Art by Jeff Carlisle for The Jedi Path.

Corellian Colonizer orthographic, with cross-sections. The Colonizer was a praxeum ship class used by the Jedi Order during the New Sith Wars and after. Its design later inspired the larger Chu’unthor.
Art by Jeff Carlisle for
The Jedi Path

The Star Destroyer Alliance fights during the Evacuation of Dac (Mon Calamari). Cover art for Star Wars: Legacy 47.